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Emergency Response to COVID-19

Blackwood & Kirkmuirhill Resilience group provide and manage the response effort to COVID-19 within the communities of Blackwood, Kirkmuirhill, Aucheanheath, Boghead, Draffen and Tanhill. The team consists of call-handlers and distributors. The call centre is open Monday - Friday between 10am and 12noon.   Members of the community can call  us directly or call the national response hotline and from there support will be directed to the person(s) by the distrubution team. 

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Call Team 

The call team consists of 6 volunteers who co-ordinate and communicate any requests for support to the distribution team. 

Distribution Team

The distribution team is made up of 22 volunteers who respond in pairs and are dispatched from home by the call team.


Supporting You

The emergency response team are now putting together some small welfare packs which include various dried and tinned foods, a selection of books, puzzles and, if requested we have some arts and crafts materials available. 


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Working Together 

BKRG are proud to be recognised as the emergency response group for the local community.  We are committed to work together with local authorities, local charities and local community groups to deliver a safe and efficient response to vulnerable people. 


Shielding Community Outreach  

Part of the emergency response effort is to provide various activities to keep people motivated and mentally stimulated during lock-down / isolation. 

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