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Outreach for our shielding community 

The mental and physical well-being of our shieling community is an important part of the outreach team's focus. The group continues to look for innovative ways to support people throughout shielding and isolation.  

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Cake n Coffee 

BKRG offers a cake n coffee club service.  Our callers can request a cake and a chat down the phone.  The team then arranges a time for them and nominates one of the volunteers within the call team to have a chat.  A cake is also delivered to the persons house ahead of time allowing them to enjoy a friendly chat with a cake and a coffee over the phone. 

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Cake and coffee
Newsletter Pen-Pals 

The team publish a monthly newsletter which has several keys aims and one of which is our shielding peoples interaction with the community.  People who are shielding or isolated can write into our newsletter and we will publish there story.  The intention is that others reading the story will feel reconnected with friends and others during isolation. 

Newsletter Pen-Pals
Boxes of Kindness 

The outreach team have also been preparing and delivering craft packs and hobby packs for anyone in the community who is sheilding / isolating.  These have included, knitting, wood building models, small sow & grow kits as well as adult colouring books. 

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Craft packs
Shielding Peoples High Tea 

Due to a very generous donation given to the group, BKRG was able to provide a high tea dinner to all our service users.  

The response and feedback was very overwhelming and people were incredibly grateful.  So we have decided to do it again. 

High Tea feedback- 

  • Many thanks for all you do 


  • Fantastic service


  • Thank you for the meal, it was lovely, great service from the restaurant and resilience group


  • You are all absolutely wonderful, much appreciated 


  • Thanks very much for the high tea. It was beautifully presented. Very tasty and so thoughtful 

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High Tea
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