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Other Projects 

Post Christmas and New Year we anticipated a slump in mental health.  A winter national lockdown combined with typical post seasonal dip in motivation was always going to be difficult for most people. 

Between January and March 2021 the team increased their efforts to support those who are shielding. 

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Fish & Chips Day

Our call handlers noticed a very obvious dip in peoples mental health, we decided to treat our shielding people to a 'Fish & Chips' Saturday takeaway. 

Thanks to Rollo's Fish and Chips for supporting this project, the chippy delivery drivers support the group by delivering all the meals. 

Rollos Fish and chips.jpg
Cake and coffee
Flowers and Chocolates

Flowers and chocolates are always a welcome boost for mental health. 

Flowers and chocolates 2.jpg
Flowers & Chocolates.png
Newsletter Pen-Pals
Hot Cross Buns
easter cakes.jpg

Again, with support of the local pub - The West End, we were able to provide all our shielding people and others with an Easter egg and a box of cakes. 

Easter eggs and cakes.jpg
Craft packs
Soups & Puddings

Shortly after New Year, on a very cold and frosty afternoon the team were out in force delivering a warm hearty soup and a pudding to cheer up those post Christmas blues. 

Soups and puddings.jpg
High Tea
Hobbies & Craft Packs

Providing hobbies and craft packs is a good way to give our shielding something to do and to break up their day during lockdown. 

3D jig-saws, sow & grow kits, colouring books were all included in this round of hobby packs

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hobbies 2.jpg
Hobby packs.jpg
Resilience Mother's Day - Our Way 

Mothers day mark 12 months in lockdown, we decided to mark the occasion with a delicious cream tea! 

cream teas.jpg
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