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Welcome to the BKRG website.  We originally set up as constituted group during the COVID-19 pandemic to support our local community.  

During the pandemic we set ourselves 3 aims:

1. Emergency response and essential support to those sheilding and isolated. 

2. Mental health and community outreach, this was our bridging strategy to transition from response to recovery. 

3. Recovery and social renewal. 

Recovery and Social Renewal. 

During the pandemic many people spoke about resilience as the ability to spring back from adverse experiences.  What become apparent with our community is that the old way wasnt the best. 

Our community has seen over 30 years of economic decline this included losing many of our assets including sport and leisure facilities.  Engagement surveys returned the same feedback consistently evidencing that there were a lack of recreation spaces and a lack of investment in young people. 

From this, BKRG developed our strategy for long term community resilience:

1. Regeneration of local sports and recreation space

2. Development and facilitation of youth work projects

3. Promotion of sustainability 

You can find out more about the work we are doing here on our website and on our social media platforms. 

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